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Railways: India’s most Affordable Travel Option

India is a nation with many different customs and civilizations. Although the proverb “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” is true, beauty cannot be appreciated without exposure. The distinctive characteristics of the Indian landscape can only be appreciated while taking a train. By itself, taking a train is an exciting experience. You get to meet new people, experience the hustle and bustle of the railroad, and discover new destinations. All of this can be done while sitting back and relaxing and enjoying the view out the window. Shimla’s Toy train is the epitome of it. Continue reading if you want to learn more about it.

Advantages of Travelling by Train

  • Cheap and comfortable
  • Safe and secure
  • No traffic jams, which is a major advantage for a holiday or business trip.
  • Highly punctual trains are available in every part of India and you can easily get a seat on the train even if there is no availability at your destination station.

How to book tickets online?

  • Register yourself with IRCTC. You can register online at or by visiting their website and entering the required details in the correct format.                                      
  • Once you have registered, you will receive an email confirmation with a link for making payment of your booking through credit/debit card or net banking facility of IRCTC’s partner banks like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, etc.. You can also use Paytm App to book tickets without having any membership charges at all!                                             
  • Book tickets online using the IRCTC website or mobile app (Android & iOS). The process is simple enough: choose your destination station and the number of berths available on that train; select the type of train (local/express), departure time, etc., and add it up with all other details like name/address information so that there won’t be any confusion later on when reaching destination station check whether everything matches up well before proceeding further down line!”

Requirements for online ticket booking

You will need to have a valid email ID and mobile number. You will also need to have a credit or debit card, and id proof (Aadhar card/passport/pan card/Driving License)  for booking tickets online.

Booking tickets from a travel agent

Booking tickets from a travel agent is one of the best ways to get cheap and affordable train tickets. Travel agents can help you find the best deals, they can help with your travel plans, You just have to book tickets online at  is one such Travel website that you can rely upon to find the best deals on traveling options, discounts on hotels, and find the best destinations across India.

Luxury Trains

If you’re looking for an experience that is beyond ordinary, then luxury trains are the way to go. Here is a list of some of the most luxurious train services in India:

Palace on Wheels: This train service has been running since 1974 and was initially started by the Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar after he visited Agra Fort. The Palace on Wheels offers three classes of accommodation — air-conditioned AC chair car (AC), deluxe sleeper (D), and deluxe sleeper (S). The travel duration between Delhi-Agra takes just over two hours and costs INR 1650 per person including food & drinks!

Deccan Odyssey: This luxury train service was launched back in 2011 under the umbrella company Indian Railways Tourist Corporation Ltd.,

Shatabdi Express: The fastest Train running in India, The Shatabdi Express. With 23 pairs of Shatabdi trains in India, it is connecting metropolitan cities to other major cities.

Major Train routes

Delhi to Mumbai: The line starts in Delhi and ends in Mumbai. It has a total length of 524 km, including 15 stations. The journey takes about 9 hours 30 minutes by train and can be done in two ways: one way is by taking an overnight sleeper train (which has one AC class coach) from New Delhi to Amritsar Junction via Jammu Tawi, and another is by taking a direct train from New Delhi to Ahmedabad Junction via Kanpur Central Railway Station, Bikaner Junction Railway Station, etc., both options give you around 6-7 hours’ travelling time on each route respectively!

Why choose Railways?

The railways are India’s most affordable means of transportation. The cheapest mode of transportation in India is by train. A flight ticket from Delhi to Mumbai costs between Rs 5,000 and 7,000, depending on the carrier and the time of purchase. A train ticket costs only Rs 1,800. It will cost you approximately Rs 2,500–3,500 per day to travel by vehicle or bus, and possibly more if your locations are far apart. While auto rickshaws are even less expensive than taxis, costing only about Rs 3–4 per km, expect to pay anywhere between Rs 10–12 per km if you


If you are willing to travel by train, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t. We hope this article has given you an idea of what the country has to offer and how affordable it can be.