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Top 10 Water Sports to experience in India

Water activities are an important aspect of Indian culture, so it’s not surprising that there are so many alternatives. Here is a list of some of the most popular water sports activities in India, ranging from surfing, kayaking, and jet skiing to banana rides and river rafting:

1. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is one of India’s most interesting sports. It allows you to explore the undersea world and witness unique marine species that have only been seen in movies. Wearing a dry suit allows us entry to tanks loaded with pressurized air (oxygen). So far, Havelock Island in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the best place in India for scuba diving.


2. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is an excellent method to discover the underwater world and get up close and personal with marine species. It allows you to appreciate the beauty of the ocean, making it one of India’s most popular water sports activities! The greatest places to practice this water sport in India are the Netrani Islands in Karnataka, Lakshadweep, and Tarkarali in Maharashtra.


3. Surfing

Surfing is a water sport in which the surfer rides on the forward or deep face of a moving wave. Surfers move forward through air bubbles and froth known as “snot” by using strong waves and their force. The greatest sites to try this thrilling water sport are Kovalam beaches, Pondicherry, and Goa.


4. Jet-Skiing

Exploring the beauty of our lakes, rivers, and beaches on a jet ski is a great way to do so. It’s also a great chance to bond with your loved ones while enjoying unique experiences at these vacation or holiday destinations! Candolim and Baga Beach in Goa, as well as Havelock Island in the Andaman Islands, are the greatest places to try this thrilling water sport.


5. Banana Ride

Banana rides are a popular watersport activity in India. In India, you can choose from a variety of banana rides, such as a rapid speedboat trip or a one-person boat ride. These boats typically have two seats and are propelled by electric motors to offer smooth navigation over bodies of water such as lakes or rivers. Goa is the most popular destination in India for this water sport.


6. Kayaking

Kayaking is one of India’s most popular water sports. Paddling a small boat with one or more cockpits, known as a kayak, is required. Rowing and sculling are both possible using the paddles that propel the boat through the water. Kayaks are adaptable watercraft that can be used for a variety of activities such as river or lake tours, cave exploration, sea kayaking, and so on, making them ideal for novices looking to try something new! This water activity is popular in Leh, the Zanskar River, Nainital, and many other Indian destinations.


7. Parasailing

A person is towed behind a boat and raised into the air by a big parachute during parasailing. Depending on your preferences, parasailing can be done on land or in the ocean. It is most typically done from boats or aircraft, either with a powered electric winch or by utilizing human power (hand-cranked). This water sport takes place in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Rajasthan.


8. Flyboarding

Flyboarding is a water sport that involves using a jet-powered water board to propel a rider over water. Flyboarding is distinct in that it combines features of surfing and wakeboarding, but with the freedom to ride on whatever obstacle you want while being propelled solely by your body weight rather than an engine or propelling device like those used on ordinary surfboards or wakeskates. This water activity is only available in Dona Paula and Chapora in Goa.


9. River Rafting

During the twentieth century, river rafting grew popular among both visitors and residents. Its appeal originates from its capacity to provide relief from heat and humidity during the summer months when everyone craves something cool after work or school hours end early due to the blistering heat outside! This sport is popular on the Ganga in Rishikesh, the Indus in Ladakh, and numerous other rivers.


10. Water Zorbing

Anyone who wants to have some fun while getting some fitness can enjoy the zorbing experience, which involves rolling down a hill inside an inflated ball! Lonavala, Delhi, Manali, and Pahalgam are among the greatest places to try this water sport.


In terms of water sports, India has a lot to offer. Water sports activities abound in India, whether on beaches, rivers, or lakes. We hope this article has helped you decide where to go and what to do next.


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